American Deck Protectors  We warranty all our work.

Warranties will vary depending on wood species, condition of the wood, specific products used and are between 12 and 48 months. Length and terms of each warranty shall be written on each customer Proposal / Contract.

 These are the basic guidelines:

Decks, Gazebos and Play-sets:
  • Semi-Transparent Stains - 36 months
  • Solid-Body Stains up to - 36 months
  • Clear Sealers - 12 months
  • Semi-Transparent Stains - 18 months
  • Solid Color Stains - up to 12 months
Cedar Siding And Fences:
Exotic Woods:
  • Semi-Transparent Stains - up to 48 months
  • Solid Body Stains - up to 48 months
*We recommend exotic woods be treated
on a yearly basis.
Terms and Exclusions:
  • Warranty covers 100% labor and materials.
  • Guaranteed against lifting or peeling.
  • Warranty period starts the day of completion and
  • includes one service request during warranty period.
  • Additional requests may be subject to an additional charge.
  • Does not cover scratches from moving or dragging furniture,
  • chipping from shoveling snow, pet nails or accidental chipping  or scratching.
  • Does not cover moss, mildew or algae growth
  • Does not cover leaching of tree sap
  • Use of caustic cleaners voids warranty