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Spring is here
by Amdeckpro on 

Spring is here.  I know it just snowed, and yes, It may snow again. But summer is coming and that is when your deck will get its most use. Our area adjacent to Lake Michigan is tough on hardwood decks. The wind, snow, and drastic temperature changes we experience can really wear down unprotected wood surfaces.

As any resident knows, our winters are harsh. That weather will allow mold, dirt as well as other things damaging the surface of the wood. Constant change in temperatures can cause the wood to expand and contract, which damages the surface, by exposing it to the elements it can turn it off color and dingy.

To avoid wood deterioration regular deck maintenance and refinishing is necessary. Before that is done, it must be pressure washed clean. This seems like it may be a do it yourself project, but it should be left to professionals, it is very easy to damage or splinter the wood.

If your deck is dried out and water is able to penetrate the wood, contact us and we will find a wood restoration solution for you.

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